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Jul 2, 2012 11:00pm EDT
with the weather app. >> army of lineman coming from canada, texas, florida, louisiana all trying to get the power back. an army just want one guy. >> reporter: today the governor said 800 more crews headed to our area from other parts of the country. that will bring the crews working, up to hurricane irene, one said that it's not good enough. >> >> its been hacked. its been dangerously hot. >> reporter: that's outside. inside. >> this is suffocating. >> no lights, no air conditioning, no fan, no power at all. she can't remember how many times she has called. >> same script thing, we are going to get you when we get to you. . >> reporter: and they may not until the end of this week. it's's not just angela, the neighborhood is out. >> we haven't seen a utility truck yet. >> reporter: at a news conference the governor repeated this message five times, that the unexpected nature and power of the storm is to blame. we will show three. >> we suffered a hurricane impact without the three to four days of hurricane warning. >> it was a hurricane punch without the typical hurricane warning. h
Jul 10, 2012 11:00pm EDT
unlikely so the chans of texas see ising another drought, colorado seeing another epic year of wildfires, all of these things become far more likely. >> it is also getting hotter at sea. in 2011, the second smallest area of ice on record, and over the last century sea level versus risen by 10 inches. at this point, 2050 miami and new orleans will be under water. >> thes likely heat wave just the first of this summer. there's another ready to role this way. abc news new york. >>> there's some local farmers suffering. whether or not the crops do well depends on the ability to water the farms. they say they will be okay. others are hoping for less heat and more rain. >>> now, maryland's most powerful doppler radar and the forecast certified most accurately weather rate. >> no doubt we have seen extreme weather so far this summer season. now none of that tonight just a couple of showers out there needed rain because we are in a minor drought across the state of maryland and the showers we did see tonight were welcome. we captured a dramatic shower in the land of dramatic pictures o
Jul 24, 2012 11:00pm EDT
in texas. >>> in our consumer alerts hundreds of thousands of strollers are being recalled. some models made between the years of 2004 and september of 2007 because children can become trapped and even strangled in them. only strollers with a child tray and cup holder are part of the recall. you can get a complete list of the numbers at our web site at if you own the stroller stop using it immediately and contact them for a free repair kit. >>> a lot of people are struggling with their day-to- day finances so it's no surprise many are also having difficulty planning their financial futures. there's a new survey and it finds that less than one-third of us have a a comprehensive financial plan. it isn't just about planning for retirement, it includes short-term needs as well. >> certainly people think about retirement, but planning for rainy days emergencies estate planning and taxes are a part of financial planning. >> experts say investment plans don't need to be complicated a savings account can be a good start and small increments. >>> the next time you go to the
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3